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Singaporean Education: Producing the Brightest Kids

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Singapore is a relatively small country and in fact is a small island that’s only 278.6 square miles in size. They’re among the smallest 30 countries in the world and only came into existence in 1965. In general, the island nation does not have much natural resources or even land for agriculture. However, its small size and lack of natural resources has never prevented it from being a successful country and making a name for itself in many field. It has only about 6 million citizens, but they’ve proven themselves internationally.

In recent years, Singaporeans have managed to have themselves acknowledged as the most open economy in the world. It is also in the top three most competitive countries in the world, and investors have voted it the most ‘pro-business’ country in the world with the highest ease of doing business. In fact, Singapore has been awarded the accolade of being the best business friendly country for seven years running and is ranked 36th in the world in terms of economic strength by the World Bank and IMF.

Getting Where They Are Through Education

Singapore of course, did not reach their current economic powerhouse status just by luck. A major part of their success comes from a solid education system. Even the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has acknowledged that Singapore is a world leader in education. It has one of the highest literacy rates in the world at 97.2%.

Additionally, Singaporean students often lead in world rankings by PISA, the body that assesses the ability of 15 year olds all over the world in their ability to master Mathematics, Reading and Science. The truth is, Singaporean teenagers are among the best in world in these three skills, together with students from nations like Japan.

The truth is that things could have turned out very differently for Singaporeans. With no natural resources like gold, oil or precious minerals, they could only make use of the human resources available. This meant training and developing every Singaporean to reach their full mental and physical potential. From 1965 onwards, the Singaporean education system placed a huge emphasis on students getting good grades. As much as 20% of the nation’s GDP is spent on running the public and private education system in Singapore, from pre-school all the way to the post –graduate level.

Private Tuition is an Important Business

For Singaporean students, learning isn’t just limited within the school curriculum. As many as 97% of them attend after school tuition classes. After school tuition is a big business in Singapore, and private tutors with suitable qualifications are highly sought after in Singapore, including those teaching the Junior College level.

Parents are willing to pay thousands of Singapore dollars just to provide their child with the best tutors and the business can earn one a very steady income. Even parents outside of Singapore are attracted to this admirable education system and endeavor to send their children to Singapore to study. So many foreign students have been struggling to get into Singaporean schools and universities, so much so that

the Singaporean government has been forced to regulate and pass laws to limit the influx of foreign students so that local Singaporeans are given placements. In 2017, the number of foreign students was about 17.3%, which is a decrease from previous years when almost a quarter of all students in Singapore were foreigners.

Singapore as a Beacon of Education

Singapore is one country that places a huge priority on the education of children. It is one place where children are really shaped to reach their full potential, and are taught discipline and hard work. It’s definitely one place you will want to send your child to in order to get the best education in the world, whether to public or private schools with private tutors.

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